Sunday, 27 February 2011

Rainy day people

All drawn one rainy day while waiting for my daughter to finish school.  I, sensibly was sat in th car for these. 

World Sketch Crawl at New Wine 2010

There's always time for football

Waiting for the seinar to begin

Going for coffee in the market hall

Security, ever alert

nervously waiting to speak

The outside world

Waiting for the seminar too

The Hunchback of waterbarrels

New Wine is an annual Christian Conference, camp out and get together that's a whole lot of fun.  We went to the North of England one with friends last year and the first day was also International Sketchcrawl day 26 (I think) so I happily combined the two.

Drawing at church

Chris on video duty at New Community Church West End.  Technically New Community is a very modern church, sound system, preachers videoed and on the website, with signing.  Happily it's heart is very much in scripture. , 
 Irene getting caught up in the Word.
And Vera, teenaged and bored, finds escape in an Eclipse novel..

from 52 trees

This is a selection from 52 Trees, a project I did on my website

Gales Brewery delivery truck.

Drawn at Milestones Museum, Basingstoke.  A great museum for a sketch outing if you haven't got a 2 year old boy hanging from you much of the time.

A quick elephant

This was drawn from the back of a truck while on a Port Lympne Safari Experience.  Hence the lack of background.