Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Harry feeds a chicken and The Well

on a visit to Manor Farm my son, Harry, got very caught up in feeding chickens. 

 Outside the farm door is a covered over well, a hole in the ground, no built up brick edifice like in storybooks.


  1. These are great. Your advice to Novice Artist (on her blog) also helped me. I have begun taking a small sketch pad with me in my purse. For some reason I was thinking I had to carry my larger, book-bound, traditional sketchbook (8.5" X 11"), but the small pad (approx. 4" x 6") is much more conducive to my current life. Thanks for the wonderful sketches and advice. I really like the one of the child feeding the chicken. Beautiful lines.

  2. Thanks for visiting E.B. Glad you found the advice useful. Glad my advice was useful, can't cleim it was my idea though, it was advice given to me 10 years or more ago. I used to carry around a big sketchbook and just found the big page too daunting for what could be a two minute warm up sketch that would barely fill a tiny corner. It took me over a year to fill my first pocket sketchbook and now I fill one about every three months.