Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New sketchbook

So in the downtime I began making myself some small sketchbooks as I was unsatisfied with what I was finding to buy.  These watercolour and marker pen sketches were done in a wallet size, 28 page pad made from old OS maps that were being sold of at my library.  The beauty of the series one maps is that they were very fine lines in minimal colours so they help avoid the fear of a blank page and at thye same time add something to the sketches.  Here they are,
Southampton is dotted with tiny areas of woodland.  This trio of trees come down to the pavement along side Mousehole Lane in Southampton. 

This was a quick sketch of a Gales Ales lorry which is part of the exhibits that make up the excellent Milestones Museum in Basingstoke.  I hate drawing straight lines, there were very few of them in the countryside where I grew up, so I try to make myself draw them as often as is uncomfortable.  

The postbox down the hill and around the corner from my home.  I just liked the combination of colours and shapes.

On the left are two dockland cranes, situated across the river from Mayflower Park in Southampton.  It was an incredibly quick sketch done while the family queued for ice cream.  Next to it is a quick sketch of a fork and spade leaning against our rockery.  I was taken by the similarity in shape and appearance.  Tone was added with a pro-art marker.


  1. Wow, these are fantastic. I just love the effect of your drawings on the map pages. And what a great idea to avoid the tyranny of the blank page in this way. You've inspired me. I will have to try this.

  2. Brilliant, I love drawing on old maps or note paper. My favourite it the one with the fork and spade, reminds me of my fathers garden tools he had standing by his workcabin. Sure miss seeing him dig about and building all kinds of things out of wood. Great drawings!!!